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small-flying-books-corner_1Welcome to Curriculum Corner!

Here you will find free resources for both educators and parents.

Jo Carol Hebert is creator of the Curriculum Corner. She is retired from forty years in the early childhood classroom, where she created and implemented original curriculum in all areas of disciplines and genres.

All curriculum-based material posted on Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids is entirely original, and has been successfully tested over many years in the classroom.

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Do you want to add more ‘drama’ to your classroom? Check out the October theme curriculum from the Hay, Hay, Hay! post for a short dramatization of “The Ants and The Grasshopper” for Grades 1-3.

  • Full script with simple costumes, stage directions, and dialogue for young Actors.
  • Show off your kids by presenting your play for class, other classes and teachers, or parents.
  • Lots of fun and lots of self-esteem building for the kids!

 Let us know how this play worked for you. 

We want to address your thematic agenda as we present more Drama curriculum for the classroom.

 Thanks from Smarty Pants and Ms. Jo, Teacher and Curriculum Writer


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