Let’s Get Bugged – Honorable Mentions!

Today we are featuring four young artists that recieved our honorable mention in the Let’s Get Bugged Contest.

Check out what they had to say about their creations!

Fila-Ants by, Hyunyoung Lee – Age 11


“The Fila-Ant breaks into a light bulb and cuts the filament with tools such as saws and scissors – this is why your light bulbs go out. The Fila-Ant then carries the filament back to its nest to share with the ants back home.
They are very cautious because they might face the Fila-Anteater (shown above the light bulb), and they do not show up often.
These ants are very intelligent, almost as smart as humans. However, they are not strong, nor have strong jaws, so they have to use tools to defend themselves. They are hard to find, but they do exist.”

Blah Blah Bug by, Jocelyn Ting – Age 6


“Blah Blah Bug talks, and talks, and talks…”

We think he must have bored his friend to sleep!

Melonlys Bug by, Alyssa Kleiser – Age 6


“Melonlys is a creepy looking bug that sleeps through the day and becomes active at night. It is very tiny, so you can see it only with a magnifying glass. It lives inside the flowers and sucks the nectar with its weird nose.

Melonlys has 2 bell-shaped antenna on the head and 6 long legs that look like watermelon slices at the bottom. It can flap its strong wings at a very high speed that produces the smell of watermelon. This bug also has bright patterns on the body that help it escape from other insects. 

Females lay colorful eggs that attach to the long spikes at the end of her body. She carries the eggs til they are ready to hatch.”

Uni-Poly by, Jiayi Li – Age 8


“Uni-poloy has icy wings because ice is hard and a hard shell can protect himself. He can also shoot fireballs to protect himself from predators.”
Thanks, kids, for these awesome bug creations! You are all “bug-tastic!

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