The Trouble in Tune Town – A Musically Good Read!

Meg was practicing for the big concert. But every note she tried to play sounded just plain wrong.

And she wasn’t the only one who noticed!

Those sticky, sluggish notes weren’t happy either, so they snuck off the page to find some fun!

Where did they go? animated-music-note-image-0017

Let’s just say they “jazzed” it up and had a “rockin” good time! But even though those wayward notes enjoyed their short adventure, they still didn’t feel quite right.

img_4980a-1 (1)Meanwhile, back in Tune Town, Meg’s concert was about to begin.

Will those notes get back in time to save the big concert?

Find out in The Trouble in Tune Town.

Created by Maura Pierlot, this book takes your little reader (or listener) on a rhyming musical journey. It’s a fun read that demonstrates that even when instruments are challenging true music can happen with even the simplest of actions.

The illustrations by Sophia Norsa are soft and engaging and really help tell the story of Meg and her lost notes.

The addition of a glossary of music terms and teacher’s curriculum is perfect for educators, parents, and homeschoolers.

Get your copy today at Trouble in Tune Town.



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