Mom, Can I Have a Pet? Pleeeease?

By, Jo Carol Hebert

I cannot have a Pet;

my mom told me so.

I cannot have a pet;

my mom told me, “No”.

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So I went out to play

and found this doodlebug instead.

But, all he does is make a ball

and act like he is dead!


 Mom Changed Her Mind!

 I can have a Pet!

But what Pet should I get?


Picking the Perfect Pet

Fish are nice. They swim around and make bubbles.animated-fish-image-0015 But….they need special equipment. And, (sadly), you can’t play with them.kid

Turtles, snakes, or lizards are easy to keep in a “terrarium”. They are interesting, quiet and clean. animated-turtle-image-0047

But….they need special food. They often stay out of sight. And, (sadly), they might be taken from the wild.

Birds are beautiful. Some can sing. Some can talk. They don’t need to animated-bird-image-0515be walked. But….they can be noisy and messy. They are fragile. And, (sadly), many are taken from the wild.kid

Hamsters and Gerbils are clean and need little care. Simple equipment will be alright. But…some are fragile and others may nip. And, (sadly) they can have lots of babies!animated-hamster-image-0032

Guinea Pigs rarely bite. You can hold them and they are affectionate. But…they can be very messy. And, (sadly), they are sensitive to temperatures.

animated-rabbit-image-0001Rabbits are so cute! They are ‘cuddly’ and easy to tame. And they like to be petted. But…they shed a lot of hair. They can be very sensitive to heat. And, (sadly) they really ‘poop’ a lot!

Horses are to dream about. You can ride them like the wind! They are beautiful and animated-horse-image-0128affectionate. But…they are so BIG and expensive to keep and need space. And, (sadly), they can bite or kick.

kidCats are very fun to hold and pet. They animated-cat-image-0285are easy to feed and care for. They like to ‘cuddle’ and play. 

But…cats can scratch furniture. Litter pans are messy. And (sadly), they can make you sneeze.

The last pet that I ponder is the dog.

Dogs love to play! Dogs love their owners. Dogs come in all kinds and sizes. Dogs can protect you. 


I don’t care what bad things there are about having my own dog!

I think I’ll name him Scooter . . .


What’s your dream pet? If you could have any type of pet in the world, what would it be? Tell us in the comments section! 

If you want to learn more fun facts and how to look after some cool pets, check out our “Pets” section.

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