Smarty Pants Conservation Kids Report – 1,2,3,4 Baby Lemurs Born!

Zoos News, Birth Announcements for Endangered Animal Babies…

download (7)The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Jacksonville, Florida, is ‘jumping for joy’ over the births of four Critically Endangered (CR) Black and White Ruffed Lemur male pups!

The little additions to the zoo’s ‘troop’ of Lemurs were born May 19, 2019. They had their eyes open at birth and were four inches long.

All Lemur species are native only to the island of Madagascar, located download (3)266 miles off the East coast of South Africa.

The next step on the ICUN List for this species of Lemurs would be EX (extinct) in the wild. Parents Hawk and Potter are taking it all in stride since this is their third litter. Other offspring include a male, Pippen and a female, Froddo, who are still at the zoo in the beautiful African Forest exhibit.

download (8)The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens first began in 1914 and now has 2,400 animals and over 1,000 plants. Some of the exhibits of this award-winning Zoo in NE Florida are: Range of the Jaguar, Land of the Tiger, Plains of E. Africa, and Wild Florida exhibits.

They are dedicated to the conservation of wildlife, participating in 95 Species Survival Plans (SSP).

Their mission is to educate and they have numerous outreach programs, including Zoo Camps, and an After Dark Adventure (that sounds really cool!)

Smarty Pants Conservation Kids Loves the Good Work Zoos Do!

Be sure to visit us tomorrow to learn all about the Lemur!

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