Team Steve – It’s a “Racing” Great Read!

The big race-a-thon was here and Steve was “one excited horse!” After all, he was built for speed and always came in first!

team_steveBut what Steve was about to learn was that this year’s race-a-thon had changed. It was now a relay race.

“No problemo” says Steve. I will be on a team with Deer, Rabbit, and…hmmm, who else is fast?…oh, and Fox!”

Not so fast Steve. Names were drawn and you have to run the race with Duck, Turtle, and Snail.

What a conundrum!

So Steve thinks….and thinks…and THINKS!

What does he finally come up with to win the relay race?

Find out in, Team Steve.

Written and illustrated by Kelly Collier, Team Steve is a delightfully funny and engaging picture book for children of all ages.

The moral of the story is subtle, yet still valuable. Team Steve is a sweet tale of friendship animated-horse-image-0032that would make a great addition to any child’s home library.

Check out Kids Can Press for this picture book and other fabulous titles!

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