It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy Hearties!

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! To help ye with this scurvy occasion, we’ve collected some common pirate words and phrases – talkin’ pirate is more than just yellin’ “Arrr!”

We also have some fun pirate facts and a delicious recipe for homemade Grog! It might just “shiver ye timbers!” Plus, we even have a video to help you dress like a pirate.

Let’s get started!

Pirate Talk!

Ahoy – Hello

Avast – a term of surprise

Aye – a term used in agreement

Aye, Aye – I’ll get right on that!

Arrr! – can mean, variously, yes, I agree, I’m happy

Beauty – used for a pretty woman – it’s a compliment

Bilge rat – the bilge is the lowest level of the ship, usually where stinky slimy water pools. To call someone a “bilge rat” is an insult.

Booty – stolen goodies animated-pirate-image-0039

Briny Deep – the ocean

Hang the Jib – to frown or pout

Hearties – friends

Hornswaggle – to swindle something (usually money) from a person

Lad, lass, or lassie – a young person or child

Lubber (landlubber) – a person that prefers the land over the sea.

Me – my. Used when talking about oneself

Shiver Me Timbers – an exclamation of surprise

Smartly – do something quickly.

Thar she blows – used when spotting a whaleanimated-whale-image-0014

Ye – you

Yo Ho Ho – a happy expression

Dress Like a Pirate!

Do you want to learn how to dress like a pirate? Check out this DIY video!

Pirate Facts

Pirates were not nice people. They stole things, drank too much, and were the “scourge of the high seas.”

Know what else pirates were? Check out these fun pirate facts.

Did you know?

  1. Blackbeard was the most feared pirate of them all. Before he would attack a ship, he51244649-56a58a9d5f9b58b7d0dd4cf0 would weave hemp into his beard, then light it on fire.
  2. Women were pirates, too.
  3. Each pirate ship ran by their own sets of rules and codes.
  4. Pirates never really made people “Walk the plank.” To kill a person, a pirate would usually tie them up and drag them behind the ship. Arrr!
  5. Pirates oftentimes drank Grog. This was a mixture of rum, lemon juice, water, and sugar.

Want to make your own Grog? Check out this kid-friendly recipe for a real Pirate drink!

Pirate Grog

You will need

  • 6 cups of hot water
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 (12 oz.) lemonade
  • 1 (12 oz.) orange juice
  • 1 (46 oz.) can pineapple juice
  • 1 quart of 7-up

Directions: Dissolve sugar in hot water. Add other ingredients. Mix and enjoy! This Grog can also be frozen!

Yo Ho Ho! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Me thinks you lads, and lassies should make up a sentence from our Pirate Dictionary and leave it in the comments section. Or else, me may have to hang the jib!

Hey Educators and Parents! Check out our Curriculum Corner for some fun Pirate Day activities. It’s FREE!


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