Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – Pirate Ship & Sharks!

By Alyssa – Age 6

Ahoy Maties!

Check out Alyssa’s Pirate Ship surrounded by sharks!

It’s too cool!

What an awesome ship! Keep up the great artwork, Alyssa!

Educators. Do you want to give your little learners a fun pirate experience? Check out Curriculum Corner for pirate-inspired (and other) activities!

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2 replies

  1. Alyssa’s Pirate Ship. WOW. Really impressive. Love the smiling sharks and the colors and patterns of fabric sails.

    Used a lot of components that resulted in a really great Pirate scenario. Well-done! Looks like its coming right off the page

    to attack. Great artwork for text. Keep ‘drawing’ on your talent for this style of illustration.



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