Storytime Sunday – Nutsy and the Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack Monster

By, Jo Carol Hebert

animated-squirrel-image-0022It was a chilly, windy night in Autumn. Nutsy Squirrel was sleeping in a hole in his tree. He was dreaming of an acorn as big as an apple. But just as his tiny teeth took a bite, he suddenly woke up! 

He heard a BIG noise. 

Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack. Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack.” 

Nutsy sat up. He swished his bushy tail. He peeped out of his hole. It was quiet. It was dark. Then he heard the noise again – 

“Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack.” Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack.”animated-tree-image-0036

Nutsy’s little ears perked up. His little round eyes opened wide. Nutsy was scared. There must be a big Monster under his tree. He hoped the Monster couldn’t climb trees. Nutsy sat up all night with his tail wrapped around himself. 

Finally, the sun came up. 

“I have to move from this tree!” Nutsy said to himself. So he packed his little bag full of animated-leaf-image-0016nuts.

He was afraid of the “Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack” Monster at the bottom of his tree. But Nutsy was a good jumper. He held his bag in his teeth. He closed his eyes. He leaped across to the branch of his neighbor in the tree next door.animated-squirrel-image-0053

“Can I move into a hole in your tree?” he asked Bushy, his neighbor next door.

“Sorry, no room, Nutsy” said Bushy.

Nutsy scampered to another tree, “Can I move into a hole in your tree?” he asked, Chatters, his neighbor in the next tree.

“Sorry Nutsy, no room,” answered Chatters.

animated-tree-image-0091It was getting cold. The wind was fluffing up his fur. He had to find a tree for the Winter. Nutsy thought about his hole high up in the old oak tree. It was perfect for a squirrel.               

He thought about his warm soft nest of bark, moss, and feathers. But he was afraid of the “Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack” Monster under his tree.

Nutsy went to the tree of his neighbor, Whiskers. “Can I move into a hole in your tree?’

“Sorry, no room, Nutsy,” said Whiskers. “What’s the matter with your tree?”

Nutsy told Whiskers about the “Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack” Monster.

“Really?” chattered Whiskers, “Nutsy and Whiskers, the world’s bravest detectives solve the mystery of the “Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack” Monster! (Whiskers was always dramatic). So with a burst of courage he cried, “Let’s go see!”


animated-squirrel-image-0043Their bushy tails were twitching as they tip-toed on their tiny claws back to Nutsy’s tree. A cold whoosh of wind swept around them. They huddled together to keep warm. Then they heard the “Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack. Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack” sound of the Monster.

Suddenly, the two little detectives weren’t so brave. They leaped behind the trunk of a big oak tree. They sat up straight and still.


“You look and see,” whispered Nutsy to Whiskers, “it was your idea.”

“No, you look and see,” said Whiskers to Nutsy, “it’s your tree.”

“O.K.”, Nutsy said, “I count to three and we both look and see.”

Nutsy took a deep breath and counted, “1..2..3.. – look!” The wind ruffled their tails. The wind swirled the leaves up in the air and around and around.


“Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack. Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack.

They both peeked carefully from their safe place behind the tree. And there was the “Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack” Monster under Nutsy’s tree! 

Nutsy and Whiskers looked at each other and started laughing. They laughed and laughed. The mystery of the “Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack” Monster was solved.

An icy gust of wind swept through the leaves again.


“Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack. Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack.”

“It’s just the wind blowing the dry leaves that fell off your tree!” cried Whiskers.

“Thanks, Whiskers, you’re a good neighbor,” said Nutsy, giving him a big squirrel hug. See you in the Spring.”

“Bye, Nutsy,” said Whiskers as he scampered off.

Nutsy climbed up to his cozy little nest and fell fast asleep. And when the wind blew the leaves under his tree, he said, “I’m not afraid of you – you old “Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack Monster!”

(In the Autumn time of the year, if you see a pile of leaves – jump in. animated-leaf-image-0036

You will hear the “Crinkle-Crinkle-Crack-Crack Monster, too!)

The End

About the Author

Jo Carol Hebert is creator of the Curriculum Corner. She is retired from forty years in the early childhood classroom, where she created and implemented original curriculum in all areas of disciplines and genres.

Jo Carol is also a regular contributor of both fiction and non-fiction pieces for Smarty Pants Magazine.

Educators. Be sure to check out We’ve Gone Squirrely Curriculum for your little learners.

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