Stowing Away With the Vikings – Historical Fun!

Today is National Comic Book Day. In honor of this occasion we have a very special book review and giveaway.

Check it out!

When twins Josh and Emma, and little sister, Libby duck out of a storm and into a mysterious travel agency, their day is about to get very weird and adventurous.

Libby curiosity gets the best of her (and with some help from the agency’s owner) these kids are transported into a very dark period of history.

The time of the Vikings!

What will this family discover? How will they contend with the ways of these dangerous 71285208_10217007977124956_4857871276091375616_n (2)people?

Find out in the graphic novel titled; Stowing Away With the Vikings.

This book is the perfect mixture of fact and fiction, so your young reader will be learning some very cool history while being engaged in a journey of epic proportions.

The illustrations are detailed and the characters’ reactions are sure to bring a smile or a chuckle to even the most reluctant of readers.

Stowing Away With the Vikings is part of “The Time Travel Guides” by Kids Can Press.

Grab your copy today, or leave a comment in this post and you will automatically be entered into our random draw on October 2nd.

Good Luck (Canadian and US residents only).

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  1. That’s so cool. My daughter got really curious about Vikings since her visit to Ireland. This seems to be the perfect read.


  2. This looks like an interesting book! It makes me curious about the other books in “The Time Travel Guides”. This is a great way to introduce different historical time periods to kids.


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