Today Is International Rabbit Day!

We’re all very excited that today is International Rabbit Day!

To help celebrate this “hoppy” occasion, we have some super-hip-hoppity things for you to try.

Check it out!

Fun Furry Fact: Did you know the bunny is the third most popular pet behind dogs and cats?

Write a Story



Using this funny bunny drawing, tell us a story.

Why is this rabbit playing the clarinet? Does he have a big performance he’s practicing for? Does he make this instrument “sing” or does it sound terrible?

Get creative and spin us your best rabbit-inspired tale.



Fun Furry Fact: Did you know Napoleon was attacked by rabbits? Read all about it in “Napoleon Bonaparte and the Attack of the Bunnies.”

Craft a Paper Bunny

Do you want to make your own simple paper bunny? Check out this video!

Print & Color a Superhero Bunny

rabbit-superhero-cartoon-character-flying-coloring-pageSince today is all about celebrating the bunny, we thought we should make him into a superhero.

Click on the link below to print out your own superhero bunny coloring page.

Superhero Bunny pdf

Fun Furry Fact: Did you know the Arctic Hare is the biggest species of hare? It can reach up to 12 pounds! Read more fun facts about this animal in “Our Frosty Friend the Arctic Hare!”

Have a Very Happy International Rabbit Day!

Kids, once you’ve finished your craft, story or coloring page, take a picture of it and send it to us. You could be featured on Show Us Your Stuff Saturday.

Educators and parents, we also have bunny curriculum available for downloading on Curriculum Corner. It’s FREE and FUN!


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