Red Rover – It’s Mars-tastic!

Come discover the Red Planet, Mars with space rover Curiosity as it tirelessly travels the dusty terrain of this Martian world.

9781250198334Curiosity is the biggest and most advanced rover to land on Mars. This car-sized laboratory is equipped with many scientific instruments, including a robotic arm, infrared laser, and seventeen cameras.

When Curiosity spots something of interest, it can vaporize a tiny piece with its laser and then analyze the chemical signature. The rover can also swing its arm over for a closer look with a microscope, or drill into the rock and bring a sample aboard for further scanning – it truly is a technological wonder!

Red Rover, created by Richard Ho and Katherine Roy, is a true-life tale of the work this little rover is doing to discover all it can about Mars.

This new STEM picture book provides stunning illustrations allowing the reader to take a peek into the vast and inhospitable landscape of the Red Planet. And even though Curiosity is not human, this story captures readers’ hearts, while asking a topical question that has enraptured even those outside the scientific community: Who will we send to Mars next?

Red Rover is the perfect “vehicle” into discussions about technology and space, so grab a copy for your little space explorer today at Macmillan Publishers.


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  1. This would be a great addition to my classroom library! I was planning a lesson/unit about this topic for later in the year.


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