Weird Animals of the World!

World Animal Day is right around the corner (October 4th) and to celebrate this animal-rrific occasion, we’ve found some wonderfully weird animals.

Check them out – they are truly odd-balls of the animal-world!

Diane’s Bare-Hearted Glass Frog

download (2)Measuring in at less than one-inch long, Diane’s Bare-Hearted Glass Frog is a see-through wonder of the world. That’s right, you can see this little guy’s internal organs. Plus, he also kind of looks like Kermit. 

This new glass frog species lives in the mountainous forests of Costa Rica and loves to dine on insects at night.

Axoloti (Mexican Walking Fish)

This little amphibian can grow up to 17.7 inches long. It is found in freshwater lakes and download (3)ponds in Mexico. One of the weird things about the Axolotl (besides its name) is its ability to regrow lost limbs and organs.

It also has feather-like “branches” growing out of the side of its head, which is actually its gills. This little critter doesn’t have any eyelids and eats by sucking up its food.

The Sunfish

download (4)This creature wins the award for the heaviest bony fish on the planet. It can weigh up to 2.5 tons and measure 11 feet long and 14 feet wide! The Sunfish is also called the “Mola-Mola” (mola means “millstone” in Latin, which is fitting since this fish is somewhat circular shaped).

Even though this fish is HUGE, it has a relatively small mouth. Its teeth are fused and form a beak-like mouth. They love to dine on jellyfish and zooplankton.


Scientists estimate that there are only about 235 of these skinny-nosed crocodiles left in download (5)the wild. They can be found swimming in the waterways of their native home, India. This animal can reach lengths of 20.5 feet long and can weigh up to 550 pounds!

Its long snout is filled with 110 tiny sharp teeth it uses to capture and eat fish. They can live from 40 to 60 years.

Red-Lipped Batfish

download (6)Our last weird animal is one that appears to be wearing red lipstick. The Red-lipped Batfish can be found in the ocean as far down as 249 feet!

They aren’t very good swimmers, so they move by “walking” along the ocean floor using their strong pectoral fins. These oddball fish live in the waters off the coast of Peru and near the Galapagos Islands.

Their big rosy lips aren’t the only thing the Red-lipped Batfish is known for – it is also a voracious eater. It loves to dine on tiny crustaceans, worms, and fish.

What do you think of these weird animals? Tell us in the comments section. Celebrate World Animal Day by telling your friends and family what you have learned here today!

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