Smarty Pants Conservation Kids Update – California Bans the Trapping Industry!

Born Free. Live Free.

Bobcats, gray foxes, coyotes, beavers, and mink have been given a vote of approval by download (25)the state of California. Stepping up as the first state to impose a fur- trapping ban, the Governor has signed into law the bold Wildlife Protection Act of 2019.

This sweeping law prohibits all commercial or recreational trapping on both public and private land. This includes a ban on the cruel “steel-jawed leghold trap” used to capture fur-bearing animals.

Wildlife Wins

The Act sends a strong message that people of California value and will protect their native wildlife. This law goes against centuries of Western frontier traditions when trapping was a way of life and an important part of the economy of early California.

download (23)Just the Beginning

Continued proposals include the banning of all fur products. It also includes the use of animals in any circus in the state (except some domesticated animals). 

This is a big step in the right direction for many people who are disturbed by the cruelties of the fur trade and abuse of animals for entertainment.

Fashion World Faux Fur

Conservationists are succeeding in creating a worldwide sense of compassion for native download (22)wildlife. This growing educated awareness is changing the minds of people even in the high fashion world.

A major fur clothing industry has created ‘fur-free fashion’ by designing a line of ‘faux fur’ (fake fur). A survey of 25,000 of its clients indicated that people valued the life of an animal over the status of a fur coat.

That’s all for now, Conservation Kids. Care, Share, and be Aware of what’s happening to our furry friends in the wild.

You can make a difference. Look for our next report on the Skunk Bear!

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