Let’s Celebrate Xenoceratops Day!

(Actually, we just made up this ‘Day’!)

However, the Xenoceratops is a very real dinosaur. Let’s learn some fun facts about this amazing dino discovery.

Discovering the Xenoceratops 

In 1958, scientists in Alberta Canada discovered fossil remains of a new type of download (4)Triceratops ancestor. Later named Xenoceratops, this North American dinosaur was determined to be 20 feet long. The Dino weighed two tons, that’s a whopping 4,000 pounds (larger than the real Triceratops). The other dinosaurs were glad to see that Xenoceratops was a herbivore – only ate plants.

The “X” Dinosaur

The name means ‘alien horned-faced.’ The skull had two big brow horns over tiny eyes and a curved beak like a turtle. A big hard-plated frilled shield with two huge spikes grew off the back of the skull. The creature had a large, bull-like body, with a thick, short tail. Nothing to worry about, here, except him stepping on you.

download (5)Canada’s Official Dinosaur – It Even Has Its Own Coin!

Fossils of the bones of this dinosaur were found in a bed of bones in the Foremost Formation ‘dig’ and named for the nearby village of Foremost. The rare bones were deposited in the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. Later, in 2012, the discovery was officially recognized and classified by paleontologists. 

Sometimes called the Albertasaurus, the happy Canadians minted a Xenoceratops coin in 2012.

Just Another Dinosaur? You Decide!download (6)

As far as we know, there is no further word on the matter. If you’re wanting to pop up there and take a look, here are directions to Foremost:

Located in Southern Alberta, Southwest of Medicine Hat, along the Red Coat Trail, in the county of Forty Mile No. 8.  

Might want to take your GPS. Good Luck!

More “X” Dinos

We’re not finished with dinosaurs that have the “X-Factor.” Check out these other X-citing dinos!

  • Xiaosaurus/Asia, small dinosaur
  • Xenotarsosaurus/South America
  • Xiaotingia/had feathers
  • Xiongguanlong/Asia, small dinosaur
  • Xixianykus/Asia, long-legged, birdlike
  • Xuwulong/China

What do you think of these X-cellent dinosaurs. Tell us in the comments section!



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