One Wild Christmas – It’s a Celebration!

one_wild_christmasBear, Moose, and Beaver have spent so much time getting ready for Christmas they forgot the most important part – the Christmas Tree!

A trip to the forest would solve that…or would it?

One tree was too small. Another was too white. And the next one?

Waaaaaay too BIG!

Finally, the friends stumble upon the perfect pine tree.

But when Beaver went to chop down this pristine pine, Bear panicked…he loved all living things, especially trees.

What happens next? Will Bear, Moose, and Beaver get their final Christmas tradition?

Find out in, One Wild Christmas by Nicholas Oldland.

This delightful picture book takes your young reader (or listener) on a well-crafted journey with three old friends. The illustrations are simple, yet bold, and will engage your child no matter the age.

One Wild Christmas is bound to be a favorite in your home each holiday season, so grab your copy today!

Have yourself a Merry “Wild” Christmas!

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