Storytime Sunday – Sassy, The Little Race Horse

by, Regular Contributor, Jo Carol Hebert

Sassy did not want to be a racehorse. Her mother and father were not happy. They wanted her to be a racehorse like them. She was a thoroughbred, born in a line of champions and officially named ‘Sweet Sassy Lady’.

download (35)But Sassy wanted to be a show horse like Gloria. Gloria was dappled-gray. She was beautiful. In the pasture where the young horses lived, Sassy tried to lift her hooves and prance like Gloria.

One day, the owners of the horse farm came early in the morning and took Sassy. They took her to a dirt track that went around like a circle. They put a hard metal piece called a bit in her mouth. It had leather straps on it called reins.

They put a tight saddle on her back. Sassy did not like that, but she tried to be good. Then a light person called a jockey slipped on her back. He pulled on the reins to show Sassy where to go.

The jockey was gentle and walked her around the track a few times. Then they took her download (38)back to the pasture with Gloria. Sassy thought that she would stay with Gloria now. But the owners came for Sassy every morning and walked her around the dirt track.

Soon they wanted her to run. The owners looked really happy when she finished running. But Sassy only ran fast so she could get back to the pasture with Gloria.

Sassy’s owners came again in the early morning. But they did not go to the dirt track. They took her to a horse trailer.

download (36)Sassy did not want to up the ramp into the trailer. She bucked and kicked. Finally, she went into the trailer. The trailer went a long way before it stopped. They led Sassy down the ramp. Another jockey got on her back and led her onto a different dirt track. 

There were many people yelling. Sassy did not like the noise. They tried to put her in a small stall with a gate, but Sassy would not go. Her owners were kind. They took her home. Sassy was happy to be back in the pasture with Gloria.

When the owners came again, Sassy stamped her hooves and reared up in the air. But animated-horse-image-0306she had to go in the trailer and travel a long way.  

At the dirt track, another jockey got on her back. He was kind and stroked her neck. But Sassy was still afraid of the crowds of people and noise. She would not go in the small racing gate. So, the owners took her back home to the pasture with Gloria.

The owners loved horses. They saw that Sassy was a special horse. They had an idea.  When they took Sassy to the next race, they put Gloria in the horse trailer first. Gloria did not mind. Sassy followed her happily. When they got to the race track, Gloria walked with Sassy up to the starting gate. Sassy went in quietly. Gloria stayed by the side of the track.

animated-horse-image-0128 (1)And when the gates flew open to start the race, Sassy was the first one out. Gloria snorted and tossed her mane. Sassy ran with all her heart and won the race!

After that, Gloria went to all the races with Sassy and Sassy always won!


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