Don’t Touch That Toad! Book Review

download (33)Have you ever been told…

“Don’t eat raw cookie dough or you’ll get worms?”

“Chicken soup can cure the common cold?”

Lightening never strikes the same place twice?”

Adults say some strange things, don’t they? So how do we know what’s true and what’s made up?

Don’t Touch That Toad & Other Strange Things Adults Tell You is a myth-busting book that will finally put an end to all those silly stories our parents, teachers, and other adults have been telling us for years…don’t blame them, they probably didn’t know, either. 

Are you ready to finally learn the truth?

This book is filled with tons of fun “parentisms” broken into four different categories;

  • Healthy Habits – How long does it take to digest bubble gum? Is it really 7 years?!
  • Weird Science – Are yawns contagious?
  • Food Fallacies – Is the five second rule true?
  • Animal Tales – Is the ostrich really burying its head in the sand?

Don’t Touch That Toad also covers other ideas like eating too much sugar will make you animated-toad-image-0013hyper, the elephants memory, and, of course, WILL I get warts if I touch a toad?

Find out the truth to these and many other tales in this fact-based book written by, Catherine Rondina and illustrated by, Kevin Sylvester.

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today at Kids Can Press, so you can be armed with the truth!

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