It’s Bubble Gum Day!

Did you ever try to blow a huge bubble using your favorite bubble gum? It’s not always easy but it’s still super fun!

Do you know what else is fun?

Today is Bubble Gum Day and we’re about to “blow up” some bubbliscious bubble gum facts just for you!

Chew on this…

1. Bubble Gum Was Invented by an Accountant


In 1928 an accountant by the name of Walter Diemer worked at a chewing gum factory. He began experimenting with all kinds of gum recipes.

One day, Walter came up with a formula that wasn’t as sticky as regular gum. It was also super stretchy so you could blow bubbles with it.

Unfortunately, Walter lost the recipe and had to start experimenting all over again. But after four long months, he figured out the recipe once more. And bubble gum was here to stay!

2. Pink is Most Popular


When Walter invented bubble gum, pink was the only color available. Today, this rosy hue is still the most popular, even though there are more colors available.

Did you know? Bubble gum does not stay in your stomach for seven years if you swallow it. That’s a myth!

3. Slow Wins the (Bubble) Show

993024_1Want to blow a big bubble? Then take it slow!

Using slow, even breaths is the key to blowing HUGE bubbles. This allows the bubble gum to stretch and grow.

Chad Fell holds the record for the largest bubble-gum bubble. He used three pieces of gum to blow a bubble that measured over 50 centimetres (19.7 inches) around. That’s twice the size of a basketball!

4. Tons of Bubble Gum Fun!

33-gumballsDid you know around 100,000 tons of bubble gum is chewed each year?

That’s a lot of bubble gum fun! In fact, that’s about the weight of over 14,000 African elephants!

The problem with all this used gum is it ends up in our landfills. However, some super smarty pants inventors have created special waste containers for gum. The recycled gum is then reused to make rubber toys and containers.

5. Ancient Natural Gum

gum-resin-image-refinedAlthough bubble gum is a relatively new invention, chewing gum (or something like it) has been around for centuries.

About 9,000 years ago, Europeans chewed birch bark tar. The ancient Mayans chewed a sticky resin found on certain trees. This substance is called chicle (pronounced CHEE-clay). And North American Indigenous people chewed gum made from spruce tree sap.

If you enjoyed these “gummy” facts, leave us a comment!

Happy Bubble Gum Day!



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