Storytime Sunday – The Valentine Monster!

by, Jo Carol Hebert

Once there was a monster
and he was mighty mean.
He stomped about the countryside
and yelled and cried and screamed.


He threw his toys on the floor.
He ran around and slammed the door.
He never said, “excuse me, please”,
or used a tissue when he sneezed.


And when the Monster roamed the moors,
the people locked their cottage doors.
They closed their curtains, stayed inside,
and climbed under their beds to hide.

The children in the village town
had a meeting and they found –
the monster wasn’t mean or bad.
The monster was alone and sad.

sad (2)
“Let’s be his friend, so he won’t be mad.
“We’ll make some valentines to make him glad.”
They covered him from feet to head
with valentines all pink and red.

And then, in just a little while
the Monster grinned a friendly smile.
His big heart was on the mend
because he had so many friends!

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