It’s Valentine’s Day!

Today is the day we dedicate to love. But where did this “smoochie” celebration begin and how is it still being celebrated?

Let’s discover some fun facts about Valentine’s Day!

Did you know?

hith-st-valentine-21. Valentine’s day started because of a young Roman priest named Saint Valentinus. He secretly performed marriage ceremonies of the soldiers belonging to Claudius II.

This was forbidden because the Emperor thought being married would make his soldiers less likely to want to go into battle.

Saint Valentinus was hanged on 14th February 270 A.D. and since then the day is celebrated every year. While he was imprisoned he sent his last love note to the jailor’s daughter, signing it, “From your valentine.”

2. In medieval times girls ate bizarre foods on this day. They believed that this would enable them to meet their future spouse in their dreams.

3. In middle ages, names of young men and women were drawn from a bowl, then declared each other’s valentines. Their names were pinned to their sleeves for everyone to see for one week.

That’s how the famous expression, “to wear your heart on your sleeve” originated.

animated-rose-image-00454. Valentine’s Day is number one for florists. An estimated 189 million flowers are sold in the US on this day (110 million of these are red).

5. In late 1800’s the first box of chocolate was introduces by Richard Cadbury exclusively for Valentine’s Day. Each year more than 35 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes are sold, most on Valentine’s Day!

6. About 8 billion candy hearts are manufactured each year for Valentine’s Day. That’s enough candies to stretch back-and-forth 20 times from Italy to Arizona!

A special thanks to our regular contributor, Alyssa, for our featured picture, a imageedit_1_3211987143Valentine’s Day Birdie!

What do you think of Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments section.

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