Where in the World is Reese?

Reese is on the move again. Where in the world is our wonder boy visiting today?

Here’s a hint;

These gigantic hands appear to be rising from the water to support the sides of the Ca’  support-monumental-hands-rise-from-the-water-in-venice-to-highlight-climate-change1Sagredo Hotel in this popular travel destination.

If you guessed Venice (Italy) you are right!

Artist, Lorenzo Quinn crafted these “lending hands” to help people remember the impact climate change has on the rising sea levels.

Did You Know?

  • Venice is built on 117 islands all connected by 150 canals.
  • People us special boats called gondolas to travel through the watery streets. There are also bridges.
  • There are more than 350 gondolas being used in Venice today.
  • Venice is one of the most popular cities in the world. It was build about 1,500 years ago.
  • One of the narrowest streets in the world is located in Venice. It is called Calletta and it measures only 20.8 inches wide (53 cm).
  • Venice’s biggest canal is the Grand Canal, which divides Venice into two regions. The Grand Canal is lined with 170 buildings.
  • Venice is also home to over 450 palaces!

venice-location-on-the-italy-map-minIn the last 50 years the population of Venice has dropped from 120,000 to 60,000, and some believe it will only be a tourist park by 2030.

What do you think of Venice and these HUGE “helping” hands? Tell us in the comments section!

Where in the world is he off to now? Be sure to join us next time when Reese will explore another fun, fact-filled location.

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