The Skinny House

Are you ‘claustrophobic (afraid of closed-in spaced)? You might not want to tour The Keret House in Warsaw, Poland –the “Narrowest House in the World.” 

This ‘impossible architectural concept” was built as an ‘insert’ structure wedged in between two other existing buildings. 

A Tight Space!

The most narrow space in The Keret House is only 3.02 feet. The widest space in the kerethouse is only 4.99 feet. Really!

Built by Polish architect, Jakub Szczesny, it was named for the first tenant, the famous Israeli writer and film-maker, Etgar Keret.

It’s Art!

In 2018, it was named ‘one of the most iconic (symbolic) houses in the world’. The structure is now classified as an ‘art installation’ since it doesn’t actually meet the building regulations codes of Warsaw. 

It is a tourist attraction and also a real temporary space for visiting writers.

Move On In!

The Keret House is a fully functional two-story residence with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living space. It is constructed of semi-translucent (see-through) panels, has two sealed windows for natural light, and a ladder for access.

This ‘art object’ is sponsored by the Polish Modern Art Foundation to both promote the Arts and to memorialize the troubled and valiant history of the Polish people.

What do you think of this narrow house? Would you like to live here?

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