Baby Sharks – Based on the World’s Catchiest Song!

sharkWhat do you do when you visit an aquarium? You go see the sharks!

You see…Baby shark

…Mama shark

…Daddy shark

…Grandma and Grandpa sharks, too!

These are HUNGRY Sharks!

So what do you do?

Find out in Baby Sharks a book based on “the world’s catchiest song!”animated-shark-image-0082

This engaging board book is sure to entertain your little listeners and readers. It’s captivating illustrations are by Stevie Lewis and are a delight to behold. And the thick-cut pages are strong enough to stand up to many, many readings. Plus, once you know the song, you can read-sing the book aloud!

Get your copy of, Baby Shark, by the Macmillan Publishers.

If you haven’t heard the “Baby Shark” song, you’re in for a real treat – it will be stuck in your head for days – but your little ones will LOVE it!

Try the dance moves to really get your children up-and-movin.’

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