Gross Animal Facts

We live in a world filled with grossness.

animated-nose-picking-image-0014There are things that smell, ooze, squirt, and taste bad. If you don’t believe me, just blow your nose. Eeewwww!

But what if I told you there were things even grosser than boogers?

If you want to be totally “yucked-out,” read on.

But remember, I told these were disgusting!

Did You Know?

giphy (1)~ Ladybugs squirt a smelly liquid from their knees when they get scared!

~ The Ornate Narrow-mouthed Frog will make a home in a pile of elephant poop.

~ Cows produce a lot of methane in their stomachs. This causes them to be quite gassy – from both ends! They have even been blamed for the climate change.

~ The Greater Short-horned Lizard shoots blood out of its eyeballs when it feels threatened.

~ Some bird species (like the flamingo) poop on their own feet to keep cool.

~ Flies vomit up enzymes, saliva, and digestive juices to break down their food into a soupy mix before they slurp it back up.

~ When attacked, the Hagfish can produce up to 17 pints of goo to slime their predator with. They also enjoy eating their prey from the inside out. That’s right! This gross critter giphy (4)will crawl inside a corpse to begin its feast!

~ Giraffes use their long tongues to grasp food AND to clean out their noses!

~ The Sea Cucumber produces over 300 pounds of poop each year. That’s because its diet consists of dead sea life and their poop.

~ Jackals will eat rotting flesh of dead animals. They also feed their pups their own vomit!

CK-2103-3~ Hippos flick their poo at each other using their tails.

Did these gross animal antics make you want to gag? Hold your nose then tell us your thoughts in the comments section – just don’t be gross!

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