Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – Pigs DO Fly Poem!

By, Morgan D. – Age 11

Practice Reading, Pigs DO Fly!

One late night I went to bed 

a weird thought was in my head.

 What if, pigs all fat and pork

Could do more than simply walk?

animated-pig-image-0019What if all pigs had a gift

That they could easily lift 

Their whole body off the ground 

And fly, endlessly, all around?


What if the food I buy

Could actually, really fly!

But my brain kicked in, “No way!

Pigs flying, no, not today!”


Little did I know that night,

Though my brain thought it was right,

That I would be proven wrong

When the sun rose and daylight shone


Outside my window I saw . . .

A flying pig! I was in awe!

It was a miracle, in the sky,

 gliding low, soaring high!


Almighty and all-pink.

As it left it gave me a wink.

So, whether you’re young or old,

Shy or bold,

Don’t forget and don’t be sly,


girl (2)

So, tonight I will go to bed after the sun has shined

But wait! That’s put a thought in my mind.

What if Cows, all black and white 

Had gotten the power of the flight?



Thank you, Morgan, for sharing this awesome poem with us! It is AWESOME!

What do you think would happen if pigs (or cows) could fly? Tell us in the comments section.


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