Storytime Sunday – A Banana for Oleg

By Author, Jo Carol Hebert

Oleg always ate breakfast at school. On Monday the cook always served bananas. animated-banana-image-0034

Oleg did not like bananas.

His teacher said, “Oleg, eat your banana.”

“I don’t like bananas,” Oleg said.

animated-monkey-image-0004“Why don’t you go find a monkey and give him your banana?” his teacher said, with a little smile.

Oleg thought about that. So he went to find a monkey.


He traveled to the Arctic, and Polar Bears were there.  animated-polar-bear-image-0018

He showed them the banana, but they didn’t seem to care.



animated-penguin-image-0160He journeyed to Antarctica where Penguins slid on ice.

They didn’t like bananas, but they were very nice.


He tramped through the Sahara – desert sands were hot and dry. animated-camel-image-0017

He looked for monkeys there, but only camels passed him by.


animated-bear-image-0019He checked the wooded forests where bears were black and furry.

Their teeth and claws were sharp. so Oleg left there in a hurry!


He climbed the Himalayas through a narrow mountain pass,animated-deer-image-0034

where agile goats perched high on rocks, but they ate only grass.


He passed an algae-covered pond where muddy frogs make “ribbit” sounds.  animated-shark-image-0058

He snorkeled in the ocean depths where fierce and hungry sharks were found.

But Oleg found no monkeys And he began to worry;

Breakfast time was almost over – Oleg had to hurry!


animated-monkey-image-0286And then he came to AfricaYes! There were monkeys there!

Eating their bananas and swinging through the air.

 Monkeys big and small and spotted brown, and orange, too.

Oleg joined the fun and cried, “I’m a monkey, just like you!” animated-monkey-image-0202

 He swung on ivy- covered vines and climbed the branches high; 

he scrambled to the tops of trees that almost reached the sky.

 He screeched and scratched and wrestled, jumped and rolled like monkeys play.

And then he heard his Teacher say – her voice sounded far away . . .

“Children, time for class.” Oleg thought it seemed all right

to take one small banana bite;

and so he gently peeled and ate – that ripe banana tasted great!

animated-monkey-image-0257The sounds of monkeys disappeared.

His friends began to yell and cheer. . .

“Oleg ate his banana!” his Teacher said.

“Oleg ate his banana!” the children cried.

 “Oleg ate his banana?” the Principal exclaimed. animated-banana-image-0015

 He called Oleg’s mother on the phone and happily declared, “Oleg ate his banana!”

Oleg always eats lunch at school.

animated-vegetable-image-0005On Tuesday, the cook always serves lettuce salad.

Oleg doesn’t like lettuce.

“Oleg, eat your lettuce,” said his Teacher.

“I don’t like lettuce,” Oleg said. animated-rabbit-image-0643

“Why don’t you go find a rabbit and give him your lettuce?” his teacher said, with a little  smile.

Oleg thought about that . . . .

The End?

Try This!

Find all the places Oleg’s imagination took him on this map!

Here’s a hint: the names of the places in the story are the same colors as the areas on the map.


About the Author

Jo Carol Hebert is mother of three children and three grandchildren. She is retired from forty years in the early childhood classroom, where she created and implemented original curriculum in all areas of disciplines and genres. She is now enjoying the time to prepare those materials for publication.
Hebert has been published in Humpty Dumpty Magazine three times, Turtle Magazine, Keys for Kids Devotionals, Focus on the Family Clubhouse, Jr. Magazine, and Teachers of Vision Magazine.
At the local library, she was a Storyteller and also created and presented a Writers Workshop for Children as Guest Author.
Hebert’s philosophy is “Everything is more fun with a Child.”

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