Don’t Forget to Feed the Fish – Working Together is Fun!

There is a small pet shop in a small town owned by a small man. One day, Harry (the small man) locks up the pet store and leaves for the day.

But, oh no! He forgot to feed the fish!

What will the pet shop animal’s do to help their friend? Will they listen to mean ole’ Mr. Snake’s comments to stop them from working together?

Find out in, Don’t Forget to Feed the Fish.animated-fish-image-0107

This charming tale takes your young reader (or listener) on a story of friendship, and cooperation. It demonstrates the true meaning of kindness, in the face of a difficult challenge.

Created by Lindsay Tarrington and David Medhurst, this delightful book is sure to inspire both laughter and a yearning to help others.

It’s a must-have for your child’s home library!

Want your own copy of Don’t Forget to Feed the Fish? Click here for details.


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