We Are Water Protectors – Truly Inspired!

WaterToday is Earth Day.

In honor of this important occasion, we have reviewed the inspirational book; We Are Water Protectors.

Check it out!

“Water is the first medicine, Nokomis told me.”

Water is the life-source to all living creatures. But talk of a “black snake” is foretold to destroy the land.  It will “spoil the water. Poison plants and animals. Wreck everything in its path.”

When the tales of this monster first started, it wouldn’t happen for many years.

Now the black snake is here…

What can one brave little girl do?

Find out in We Are Water Protectors.

This picture book is based on facts about the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe that stood up against the construction of an oil pipeline through their land.

water2We Are Water Protectors takes your young reader or listener on a lyrical journey of how the indigenous people have respected and worked towards keeping their land (and our planet) safe.

Writer, Carole Lindstrom, creates a wonderful story through careful wording, while illustrator, Michaela Goade, uses her illustrative magic to pull us into her beautiful pictures.

We Are Water Protectors is the perfect picture book to celebrate Earth Day and is sure to become a household favorite.

Get your copy today at Macmillan Publishers.

Take the Planet Protector Pledge – print, sign, and be proud that you care for the Earth – Planet Protector Award pdf.


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