Learn About Clouds – The Cloud Song

Have you ever wondered what the different types of clouds are called? Here is a song to help you remember.

The puffy, flat, white clouds
We call them cumulus
Hi-ho-a-cloud-e-oh – the puffy, flat, white clouds.

The feathery, thin white clouds
Are cirrus high in the sky
Hi-ho-a-cloud-e-oh – the feathery, thin white clouds.

The gray and foggy clouds
Are stratus low in the sky
Hi-ho-a-cloud-e-oh – the gray and foggy clouds.

The dark and stormy clouds
Watch out for nimbus rain
Hi-ho-a-cloud-e-oh – the dark and stormy clouds.

Do you know your clouds now? Tell us about your favorites in the comments section!

Categories: Nature

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