Free as a Butterfly – Factual Butterfly Fiction!

When Armida and her family set out for Mexico City to visit Abuela (grandmother) the big train they board is shiny and fast.

Armida is excited!

Perhaps the train will stop at the Magic Circle. Abuela told them all about this wonderful butterfliesplace where the Monarch Butterflies spend the winter.

Mama doesn’t think the train will stop there, so Armida takes her colored pencils out to practice her drawing. She works hard to capture the beauty of these amazing creatures, just like the one Abuela had sent the girls in her letter.

But Armida couldn’t get it right. She needed Abuela’s help.

Hopefully, her parents could convince Abuela to come live with them.

The trip took days and was only made longer when the last train they boarded came to a squealing smokey stop.

Where were they?

Find out in Free as a Butterfly.

This story takes your young reader (or listener) on a journey to a “magical” place where thousands of monarch butterflies gather each year.

Author, Jan Fenimore, creates characters that are both believable and delightful. and speak of the love between family. The illustrations by Marina Movshina fit the tone and the pace of this book perfectly!

The facts mixed in with this inspiring fictional story is one that will be cherished for generations to come.

Grab your copy of Free as a Butterfly today on Amazon.


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