Conservation Report – Zoo Babies

Here’s an update on some of the zoo and wildlife offspring around the world.

Note: All zoos are closed. Caretakers continue to provide optimal care of animals. Observation for the public is through webcam.

rhinoRhinos in Denver, Colorado Zoo: Baby Greater-One-Horned Rhino born in late April, 2020. Named Joona, which means ‘treasure’, or ‘joyful in nature’.

Snow Leopard Cubs in Melbourne, Australia Zoo. 3 adorable Kittens born in February, 2019. Two females named Asha, and Manju, and one male named Kikari.

Polar Bears Cubs at Ouwehands Zoo, Dutch Netherlands. March 19, 2020. Pair of spunky twins named Akiak and Sura are with mother and grandmother in the closed eagle (2)Tundra Exhibit.

Baldy Baby’ of Bald Eagles on the cliffs off Catalina Island, California. Hatched in April, 2020. Will leave the nest in 10-14 weeks.

Cheetah Cubs at Columbus, Ohio, Zoo and Aquarium:. February, 2020. Male and Female.

Koala ‘Joey’ born at Zoo Miami, Florida. Mother, Rinny (means beautiful Koala) and father, Milo.

African Nyala Antelope female calf, Newquay Zoo. December, 2019. Mum, Ayra, and Dad, Arnold.

Little Olaf’, tiniest Puerto Rican Crested Toad, Fort Worth Zoo. December 2019.Critically endangered species to be returned to native habitat.

‘Keti’, Baby Red Panda, November, 2019, Detroit, Michigan Zoo.



Critically Endangered Pangolin, ‘Kosin’, Zoological Society London International Conservation Charity. Rescued from poachers.

Baby Western Lowland Gorilla, Los Angeles, California Zoo. 25-year old ‘first-time-mother!” N’djia, gave birth to a critically endangered female!

Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto, Canada. Birth of a herd of ‘lined’ seahorses. (Northern or Spotted Seahorse)

Chester Zoo, England. Pair of Barbary Doves. Only 23 left in the United Kingdom.

Litter of eleven rare Painted Dog Pups at Binder Park Zoo, Battle Creek, Michigan.

HerthaBaby Girl Bongo, Jacksonville Zoo. (African Forest Antelope). Survival Species Plan.

Cameron Zoo, Waco, TX adopted an orphan Mountain Lion cub from South Dakota.

Berlin Zoo, Germany. Polar Bear female cub named Hertha.

Conservation efforts to preserve wildlife WORKS!

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