Fun With Food? Insect Eats!

Today we’ve decided to give you a real treat.

Insect Eats!

These dishes all feature a bug, so get your fork and be prepared to be amazed (and maybe even a little grossed out).

Let’s grab some “grub!”

Stink Bug Surprise!

4906850-3x2-700x467What’s the surprise? They’re stinky bugs!

In parts of rural southern Africa, these insects are shaken out of the trees, collected, dusted in salt and eaten. Of course, their stink sac is removed before consuming. Another way to enjoy your stink bug is to freeze-dry it, then grind it up into a powder.

These tasty treats pack a protein punch, are loaded with antioxidants and give us nine essential amino acids.

Pass me the Stink Bug, please!

Casu Marzu Just for You!


Also known as “maggot cheese,” this expensive and hard to find appetizer comes from Sardinia (in the Mediterranean). The larvae found in this sheep milk cheese measures about 8 mm long. But that’s not the yucky part. When disturbed, these worms can launch themselves 15 cm into the air.

Jumping bug larvae, Batman!

Mopane For Me!


A traditional African snack comes from the Mopane tree. The Mopane Worm measures about 6 inches in length and feeds on the leaves of the Mopane tree. These yummy critters can be eaten dried, fried like potato chips, or cooked then drenched in sauce.


People who have tried the Mopane worm describe it as tasting like dirt, salt, and drywall…they’re not very good!

A-Ping Might Make You Sing (a Sad Song)

Considered a delicacy in Cambodia, A-ping might give you the creepy crawlies – it’s fried Skun_spiders_closeupTarantula!

The spiders are often bred for this purpose. They are spiced with salt, garlic, and sugar, then deep-fried until the legs are crispy and the tummy isn’t oozing anymore.

Street vendors sell this spidey-treat for $10 each!


Escamole Isn’t Ravioli!


There’s no pasta in this dish from Mexico. It’s Ant Larvae harvested from the agave plant. Unlike the other foods listed here, these are actually quite tasty. They have a nutty flavor and can be served fried or inside other foods like rice or tacos.

I think I’ll pass…


Fun With Food Facts – Insects!

Did You Know?

  • Eighty percent of countries in the world eat over 1,000 species of insects.
  • Sparky’s ice cream parlor (Missouri) added cicadas to a batch of ice cream in 2011. However, they were advised not to do it again.
  • Mealworms are the most highly consumed “bug” in the world.
  • Insects are loaded with protein (if you can get past the gross factor).
  • The ingredient, cochineal, found in many of our yogurts, candy, juices, and fruit bars come from the ground up bodies of insects found in Peru.

What do you think of these weird foods? Would you dine on a plate of these delicacies? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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  1. I did try ‘cricket chips’ (made out of cricket flour) when I was at an entomology summer camp here in Bexar County, Texas. The cricket chips actually tasted great AND I found out they were nutritious too. I was surprised! I put a link to a company that makes those cricket chips on my blog.


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