What Makes a Great Teacher?

In honor of all the educators, we thought we’d explore what makes a great teacher. Plus, what you need to do to make yourself a top student…beside studying hard.

What Makes a Great Teacher? Survey Said…

Out of 9,000 middle-grade kids asked;

  • 33% said a great teacher explains things well and makes the topic interesting
  • 25% of the students liked it when the teacher was funny with lots of personality
  • 9% wanted the teacher to be interested in what they (the students) had to say

So what did the younger children have to say?

Out of 6,000 students;

  • 25% said they like teachers that were patient and understanding and willing to answer questions.
  • One student loved that her teacher could make frog impressions.

reportcardsmall-300x200How to Be a Great Student

Teachers have a tough job, so how can you as a student impress your teacher?

  1. Work hard in class
  2. Participate
  3. Ask questions if you don’t understand (if you’re too shy to speak up, stay after class and ask your teacher then).
  4. Be polite and respectful of your teacher and fellow students
  5. Follow the class rules

Bonus Tips

Being a great student starts before you get to the classroom. Check out these pre-class tips to being a great student.

Sleep: be well-rested. Getting enough sleep is essential – if you’re tired, you won’t be on top of your game.

Breakfast: having a good breakfast that will keep you fueled until lunch is important. If you’re tummy is grumbling, you probably will be, too.

Write Stuff Down: Get all your important information down in writing, so if you forget, you always have a backup.

Night-before Routines: Are you slow in the morning to get ready? Have everything ready the night before so you can get ready faster in the morning. This includes having your outfit laid out and ready to go, lunch in the fridge, and your books in your backpack.

images (2)Is your teacher awesome? Then let him, or her, know today.

Thanks to all the Educators out there!

Well Done!

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