It’s Water a Flower Day – Inspiring Book!

Today is Water a Flower Day. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate this life-giving Beargardenoccasion then with a very special picture book titled; The Bear’s Garden.

Check it out!

A little girl sees an empty lot in her neighborhood and begins to dream of what it could be.

She sees…

…a place to GROW

…a place to PLAY

…and a place to LOVE.

With the help of a tiny sprout and her faithful Teddy Bear, the little girl’s dream spills out onto the street, where it takes form.

After the proper introductions are made (“how do you do?” ) the little girl loves and nurtures her growing sprout…

“I believe in you,” she whispered every morning and every night.

bear9Then one day the little girl has to leave. But before she goes, she puts a very special friend in charge of watching over her little sprout.

How will her bear fare in the gardening department?

Find out in The Bear’s Garden.

This charming picture book was written by Marcie Colleen. It takes your young reader or listener on a marvelous journey of love, hope, and the faith of a child.

The illustrations by Alison Oliver are simple and understated, lending themselves to the magnitude of this beautiful tale.

This book is based on the true story of The Pacific Street Brooklyn Bear’s Community Garden (New York) that was founded in 1985 and named for a Teddy Bear that was found sitting in the weeds.

Celebrate this Water a Flower Day by grabbing your copy of The Bear’s Garden by Macmillan Publishers.

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