Storytime Sunday – NO Girls Allowed!

by Erin DiStefano


“Read the sign.”

“But I’m not a girl, I’m a pig.”


“Then why do you sound like my sister?”

“Have you ever heard a pig?”

“No. But if you’re a pig where do you live?”

“On a farm of course. I love to roll around in the mud and eat leftovers from the kitchen.” 


“You tried to trick me…GO AWAY!”


“Go away Sissy.”

“But I’m not your sister, I’m an eagle.”


“Then why do you sound like my sister?”

“Have you ever heard an eagle?”

“No. But if you’re an eagle what do you eat?”

“I eat mice and fish of course.  I dive down from my nest and grab them with my long sharp talons.”

animated-eagle-image-0026“You tried to trick me again. LEAVE ME ALONE!”


“No girls allowed!”

“But I’m not a girl, I’m a whale.”


“Then why do you sound like my sister?”

“Have you ever heard a whale?”

“No. But if you’re a whale how do you breathe?”

“Through my blow hole of course. I swim up to the ocean surface, past dolphins, and jellyfish, to shoot water high into the sky.”


“You can’t trick me this time…”

“I know, I know…I’ll go away.”

“Actually could you come in and tell me more about the animals?”

The End

About the Author

Erin DiStefano is a writer living surrounded by the magic and mystery of the Appalachian mountains. She recently graduated from Hollins University with her MFA in Children’s Literature and enjoys her work of organizing and sharing the most magical things of all–books. 

You can find her hiking with her whole family (except the family fish Bubbles, he hasn’t figured out the whole leash thing yet), playing tennis or lounging in her favorite place, her hammock, reading a book. One of these days she hopes to have a dog, some chickens and a lot of land they can all run around on. Her picture book manuscript Caves won second place in the 2018 WV Writers Competition.

Here’s a fun craft that you can print, cut out, and play with (some adult supervision may be required) – Pesky Sister Paper Doll.

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