Today is National Cheese Day!

In honor of this “cheesy” occasion, we have a very special story for you. Check it out!

The Cheese Stands Alone,

by Bonnie Clark Taylor


The Cheese stands alone.

The Cheese stands alone in his cottage built with sturdy Swiss walls and round windows.

“Where is everybody?” said The Cheese.

He felt so alone, alone as provolone

Where is his daughter, Baby Bel?

Where is his wife, Ricotta?

Where is his boy, Gouda?

Where is his dog, Blue?

Or Curds, the cat?

He looked out his window and into the yard.

He saw no one.

He looked in the beds

and in the living room

in the cellar

the barn

and in the tree fort.

He saw no one.


“Surprise!” he heard as he came in the back door.

There in the kitchen, stood his family, plus a few more.

There was Baby Bel, Ricotta, Gouda, his dog, Blue, and Curds the cat.

There was his friend, Monterey Jack, and Uncle Parmesan,

the neighbor, Mrs. Havarti, and the mailman, Mr. Mascarpone.

His Cheese Head football fans filled the room.

“What’s going on?” said The Cheese.

“Surprise!” they all shouted. 


“Happy birthday!” exclaimed Ricotta. “We’re all here for a surprise birthday party.”

And party they did.

They ate nachos slathered in cheddar.

They whacked and smacked at a Muenster piñata held up by string cheese.

The Cheese snuffed out the candles on his cheese cake with one big whiff.

His wish was to be toasting and melting on a beach. 

He opened his presents which were kind of cheesy.

One was a shirt made of cheese cloth.

Queso, what should we do next?” everyone asked.

Cheese Whiz,” I don’t know said The Cheese.

“Let’s dance!” exclaimed the Cheese Heads.

So they shredded it up on the dance floor.

Ricotta took pictures and made everyone say “cheese.”

It was a fun time, anyway you slice it.


The Cheese stood on his porch and waved goodbye.

“Thank you for the party,” he said to Ricotta. “It was the cream of the crop.”

“You’re welcome,” she said with a smile.

“Just one problem,” said The Cheese.  “I feel old.”

“You’re not old, Dad,” said Gouda.

“You’re just aged to perfection!”

Then they all gathered round, the whole family, Blue and Curds, too.

They gave him a group hug 


The Cheese did not stand alone.

Cheese End

Cheese Facts – Did You Know? 

  • There are over 2000 varieties of cheeses
  • Aging is the process of holding cheeses in a controlled environment to allow break down for flavor, smell, and texture.
  • Remains of cheese have been found in Egyptian tombs over 4,000 years old.
  • The average American eats 32 pounds of cheese per year. 

Vitamins and minerals found in cheese include; 

  • Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium for healthy bones and teeth.
  • Vitamin A for healthy teeth, bones and skin.
  • Calcium for healthy teeth and bones and growth and development,
  • Zinc for the structure of cell membranes and helping with growth and development. 

Cheese Project

Below is a list of types of cheeses used in the story. Use your imagination to create your own cheese house, setting or character using slices and chunks of cheese. 

Softer cheeses like cheese spread and cream cheese can be used as glue to help other cheeses stick together. You can also use toothpicks to clump big pieces of cheese together. 

Have an adult pre-cut any slices or chunks of cheese for you. Take pictures and then eat!

Types of cheese or cheese products found in this story:

Baby Bel Blue Cheese Cake Cheese Cloth Cheese Whiz Cream Cheese
Curds Gouda Havarti Mascarpone Monterey Jack Muenster
Muenster Parmesan Provolone Queso Ricotta String Cheese

And of course, Cheddar!

About the Author

Bonnie Clark Taylor is a retired teacher and lives in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana with her husband, Rick, their Yorkie, Crusher, cat, Cowboy and horse, Buck. She has a  son, daughter and one grandson. She is the author of the memoir, Wild Fire, Holy Water and the teacher resources: Plots of Fun and Reflecting, Remembering, Rewarding: A Teacher’s Memory Book. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors of Montana and traveling.

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