Stella Diaz Never Gives Up! Let’s Save the Oceans!

Did you know…

...there are one hundred fifty million metric tons of plastic in all the oceans?stella

Stella says; “if an elephant weighs a ton, then that’s like one hundred fifty million elephants of trash!”

Stella Diaz had never been to the ocean – “there is an entire small world on the beach.”

So when her family visits Mexico, Stella is in awe of the majestic waves and all the marine animals that live there. However, her glee is soon interrupted when she learns that the sea and its marine-inhabitants are in dire need of help.

What will shy Stella do?

She gathers up her courage and takes a stand (with the help of some new (and old) friends).

Stella Diaz Never Gives Up, by Angela Dominguez, takes your young reader on a inspiring and dynamic journey with one determined little girl. Stella learns through her efforts that even the smallest changes can have a huge impact.

Stella is written in a believable fashion and she struggles with many of the same issues as animated-turtle-image-0012today’s child. The author also sprinkles in Stella’s heritage with the use of her native tongue, but not so much as to make it confusing.

We highly recommend Stella Diaz Never Gives Up for young readers (or listeners) and especially for those children that love the ocean and conservation.

Grab your copy today at; Macmillan Publishers. 

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