Today is Shark Awareness Day!

Today is “Shark Awareness Day.” To help you celebrate this “sharktastic” occasion we have a cool book review for you – Fins, by Randy Wayne White.

Check it out!

What do two sisters from Cuba and a boy from the Midwest have in common?sharkbook

They are all in Florida to help Marine Biologist, Doc Ford, protect the Blacktip Shark population from poachers.

Luke has had a rough upbringing with a strict stepfather. However, the situation was only made worse after Luke was struck by lightning leaving him with, not only unique scars but also a strange ability.

Sisters Maribel and Sabina are also no strangers to adversity when they traveled from Cuba to America to find a new life.

All three of these children feel like “fish out of water.”

But Doc Ford sees something special in this ragtag group of misfits and is soon teaching them everything they will need to know about tagging and tracking the Blacktip Shark species. The kids love their new responsibilities and call themselves Sharks Incorporated.

But perhaps Luke, Maribel, and little sister Sabina’s skills are too good. as they soon catch the attention of some very dangerous “predators.”

How will the members of Sharks Incorporated same themselves and the Blacktip Sharks from becoming shark fin soup?

Find out in Fins, by Randy Wayne White.

This book takes your young reader on a fascinating adventure (with some true facts mixed in) so your child will learn about the shark and the terrible business of poaching.

The characters are brave and unique giving all children someone they can relate to or aspire to be like. We also applaud the author for shining a light on the plight of all sharks that are being poached for their fins.

We give Fins a BIG fins-up!

Swim on over and get your copy today at


Happy Shark Awareness Day!

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