Goblin Shark Fun Facts

All this week we are honoring the shark.

Today, we are featuring the Goblin Shark – it may not be a “looker” but it sure is fascinating.

Check out these fun facts on the Goblin Shark!

Did You Know?

These sharks live at the bottom of the ocean and have been spotted mostly off the coast goblinof Japan and along the continental shelves.

The Goblin Shark can grow up to 460 pounds and 12 feet long. It has a lifespan of 35 years.

This shark is believed to live a solitary life. It is most active in the morning and the evening.

The Goblin Shark can travel up to 15 mph.

This shark hangs out in depths between 890 and 3,150 feet and as deep as 4,300 feet!

What makes this shark so weird and special?

The Goblin Shark’s top and bottom teeth are attached to ligaments (or bands of skin-tissue) tucked into its mouth. If the prey is just out of reach, the shark extends the elastic tissue out of the mouth to nab the food.

Its favorite food to dine on is teleost fish and squid.

Many Teeth. So Many Jobs!

The teeth located in the main part of the jaw are narrow and long. Closer to the midpoint of jaw the teeth are even closer and are also finely grooved lengthwise. The teeth in the rear rows (located closer to the corners of the jaw) are smaller in size and have a flattened shape. These are used for crushing.

All teeth vary in length and width throughout the massive number of rows.

What do you think of this “jaw-dropping” fish? Tell us in the comments section.

Watch the Goblin Shark in action!

Goblin Shark Page Coloring PDF

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  1. its really cool! its spooky to…but still cool i like how it gets a prey if it cant reach it! the under water how dark it is its like midnight!!! its super long like a fish my dad caught!!he caught a saw fish that a part looks like! and its still shark looking!


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