Super-Size Shark – The Megalodon!

There once lived a creature so massive, it would make today’s whales look tiny.

About 2 million years ago, the Megalodon shark swam the warm ocean waters of prehistoric Earth.

Let’s chomp down on this super-sized shark’s facts!

Did you know?

  • “The Meg” measured in at 45- to 60-feet long. It weighed 50 to 77 tons. megalodon_size_white
  • Its mouth was 7 feet wide and contain hundreds of sharp teeth!
  • Megalodon fossils have been found in the United States, Japan, Europe, Australia, and Africa.
  • This giant beast loved to eat meat. Most likely it dined on smaller sharks, whales, walruses, sea lions, and various fish.
  • Its name means “big tooth.”
  • Fossils show the “meg’s” teeth to be on average 4 to 5 inches long and 4 inches wide at the base. However, teeth over 7 inches long have been found.
  • They are believed to have the most powerful bite, with a force of 24,000 to 40,000 pounds!
  • Megalodon had a HUGE appetite. At its size, it would have to eat a ton of food each day.

Megalodon is one scary, yet cool creature! Tell us your thoughts about this shark in the comments section.


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