It’s World Nature Conservation Day!

Today is World Nature Conservation Day!

To help us celebrate our planet, lets review our newest favorite book; Plastic Sucks; How You Can Reduce Single-Use Plastic & Save Our Planet.

Did you know that half of the oxygen on Earth is produced by phytoplankton? What’s plastic“phytoplankton”?

Find out on page nine! You’ll be amazed!

What is the “Goldilocks Zone?” You better know ’cause we’re living in it!

How do trillions of microbeads affect life on Earth? You won’t believe it!

Plastic Sucks is packed full of some cool things about the planet and why it needs our help. Come on a guided tour with our host (and fellow Earth-lover) Dougie Poynter as he meets some fascinating and dedicated folks that are working towards a solution to our planet’s plastic problem.

Get ready to discover the origins of plastic, products it is used in (some will blow your mind), and how we ALL can make a HUGE difference when it comes to plastic (it’s easy).

Plastic Sucks even has interviews with experts in their fields, some interesting questions to ponder, and perhaps, best of all, practical solutions you and your friends can do to help the planet.

This is one book you won’t want to miss. Grab your copy today at

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