Storytime Sunday – A Windy Day

By, C.D. Lee

Katie could not sleep. 

The wind rattled against the windows. She was staying at the seaside with Grandma and imageedit_1_2013426745Alfie the dog, in Grandma’s camper. 

“I don’t like the wind,” Katie said to Grandma, who was sitting on the sofa reading her book. “I can’t sleep.”

“Don’t worry,” Grandma said. “If it’s still breezy tomorrow, I will show you all the wonderful things the wind can do and then it will help you to stop worrying.”

After a cup of warm milk and a bedtime story Katie soon fell asleep wondering what tomorrow would bring and if the wind really could be exciting.

The next day, after a hearty breakfast, they walked to the beach with Alfie.  

“Perfect weather to show you the good things about a blustery day,” Grandma said as sheanimated-dog-image-0164 threw a ball. Alfie yapped, barking wildly, when the wind blew it along the beach. Katie’s hair swirled around her and she laughed as Alfie chased after the ball. 

“Let’s make kites and aeroplanes,” Grandma suggested. “I know a fantastic craft shop where we can buy everything we need.” 

animated-pencil-image-0025Grandma bought the resources they needed including some brightly colored crayons. 

Back at the camper, Grandma showed her how to make a paper airplane. Katie added some hearts and flowers to her design. Next, she drew bright, wiggly patterns on her kite. Grandma added a frame, some string and then ribbons.

After lunch, they popped their kites and airplanes in Grandma’s canvas bag and strolled to the beach. It was empty apart from Grandma, Katie, and Alfie. 

“See how great the wind is for lifting things,” Grandma said, testing out her own kite. animated-kite-image-0027“Now, I’ll find yours.” 

Suddenly, as she stopped to search in her bag, she let go of her kite and a gust of wind caught hold of it.

“Oh no, your kite!” gasped Katie. She watched Alfie as he tried to chase after it barking as it soared higher and higher out of reach. 

Grandma laughed as she handed Katie her kite. Katie held on tightly, running across the sand. The brightly colored patterns swirled behind her. Grandma took a photo.

Next, they tested out their airplanes, this time Grandma’s travelled the furthest away. 

At tea time they went into a cafe. 

What did they see?

Grandma’s kite in the cafe near the counter. A boy was gripping onto it giggling.

“Look Grandma, there’s your kite!” 

“Don’t worry, I’m glad it has made someone happy,” she said, watching the boy play with the kite. 

After Katie’s delicious strawberry milkshake and Grandma’s tea, it was time to return to the camper.

“You were right, Grandma,” Katie said. “The wind is fun and brings lots of happiness to sleeping (2)people.”

That night Katie slept soundly after such a fun day! 


Here’s a video on how to make your own paper kite!

About the Author

C.D.Lee works in a primary school in the U.K. She has written stories, devotionals, and poems for children and teenagers. In her spare time she enjoys walks in the countryside and reading.

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