Fun Facts About Water

by, Jo Carol Hebert

“One in nine (1-9) people in the world do not have clean water to drink,” says the World Health Organization (WHO). It is like being thirsty all the time.

People can go without food for almost a month, but you need water within one week to survive.

 Did You Know? body-water-drink-infographics-health-people-diet-lifestyle-concept-brochure-infochart-vector-illustration-info-healthcare-hydrate-94537185 (2)

  • Our bodies are 70% water. 
  • The Earth is 70% water, too.
  • Water keeps your body temperature at a normal 98.6.
  • Water carries food through and out of your body.
  • Your body needs 8-10 cups of water each day.

Science of Water

Water has a chemical makeup of two parts Hydrogen element to one part Oxygen element. (H2O). Water freezes at O degrees and boils at 100 degrees. Water has no natural taste, odor, and almost no color.

Water Conservation – Let’s Save!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tells us how to save on using water.

animated-tooth-image-0011Brushing your teeth? Turn off the running faucet while you scrub those pearly whites. Assuming you brush twice daily, you will save five gallons of water each day.

Showering? People take an average of eight minutes running water to shower. This uses 20 gallons of water. Try a five-minute shower. Put a bucket in the shower to catch some water that’s going down the drain and use it to water the plants.

Wash your car (or bicycle) on the lawn and water the grass instead of the driveway.

Think About It . . .

There is the same water on earth now as there was when the planet was formed. So, youanimated-dinosaur-image-0087 could be drinking water that the dinosaurs drank.

What other ideas do you have to save water? Tell us in the comments section!

Parents and Teachers, be sure to check out Curriculum Corner for a fun way to educate and engage your little learners with more water-related activities in Scribber-Scrabbler.

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