It’s World Cat Day!

In honor of this a-mew-sing occasion (and to kick off ‘Cat Week’) we’ve got a very cool book review for you – it’s pawsitively cat-tastic!

Check it out!

Ophelia von Hairball V is the purrfect cat burglar. She is also an elite member of the SnazzyFurry Feline Burglary Institute (or the FFBI). She has taken an oath to keep cat burglary classy (and to always return the merchandise after she has skillfully swiped it).

For Ophelia being the number one cat burglar isn’t about the loot, but about the prestige of being the best!

So when the FFBI runs a contest to all cat burglars involving the giant Himalayan Diamond, nothing was going to stand in her way including her crafty cousin, Pierre von Rascal of Thievesylvania or the Central Canine Intelligence Agency (CCIA), or her “fishy” new inventor Oscar Fishgerald Gold (who insists on tagging along).

How will Ophelia capture this exquisite diamond? Will her crafty cousin spoil her plans or the CCIA capture her before she can make her move?

Find out in…Snazzy Cat Capers by Deanna Kent.

This middle-grade reader is a part of the “Snazzy Cat” series and is filled with adventure and good clean fun – perfect for reluctant readers.  It’s punny and funny and the characters are brought to life with illustrator Neil Hooson’s comic book caper drawings.

Grab your copy today from MacKids.  

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