Anthony Ray Goes to Pre-K

Join Anthony Ray in his adventures at Pre-K with this fun pdf of poems for the little listener by, jo Carol Hebert.

Hi. My name is Anthony Ray. 

My Dad fixes cars and my Mom gives people money at the bank store. Me and my baby sister go to The Sparrows Nest school. She goes to the Little Chicks room, but I go to the Eagles room, ‘cause I’m a big kid.

Sometimes it’s hard, like when my mother has to leave me or when I have to take a nap; or when it rains and we can’t go outside to play; or when Krista is mean; or when nobody wants to be my friend. 

But mostly, it’s ok, because it’s fun, and we play a lot, except when we have to do projects. Sometimes I use too much glue and it squashes out the side of the paper. But I can sing the ABC song and I can count to twenty.

My teacher, Ms. Crunch is old, like my Gramma. Ms. Crunch says I’m really good at cutting with scissors. She helps me button my shirt, but I can tie my shoes all by myself ‘cause my Daddy showed me how. (Ben can’t even tie his shoes).

Sometimes I play with Andy, but my best friends are Matt and Sam. We like to play cars and build Lego towers in the Block Center. But Krista always comes over to the Block Center and knocks down our parking garage tower. 

I had to go to Time-Out yesterday because I yelled at Ben. But he was laughing at me because he can run faster than me.

My mother says I’ll go to Kindergarten after my birthday. I’m a little scared about the first day in Kindergarten. Ms. Crunch says I’ll be fine, but I wonder where the bathroom will be. Well, I have to go now because Andy’s having his birthday party at school today and he’s bringing Spider Man cupcakes . . . maybe I’ll see you in Kindergarten. 

Your friend, 

Anthony Ray

Anthony Ray Goes to Pre-K pdf


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