Audio Read-Along PDF Play Packages – Special Offer!

Combat Your Child’s Boredom!

We’ve taken stories and poems and turned them into fun Audio Read-Along PDF Play Packages.

These engaging play packages are not just stories, they also provide your child with an extended learning experience related back to the core theme of the story or poem. They are an excellent way to not only educate but to engage your young learner.

Each pdf play package comes with an audio story or poem, read-along text, color page, word search (or puzzle), learn to draw or craft project and fun facts. Upon payment, the mp3 audio file and Read-Along Play Package will be emailed to your inbox (germ-free) and ready to print and play. Perfect for extra curricular reading and learning or just a fun way to spend another afternoon stuck inside.

Are you an author with a story you would like narrated? Click here for details.

Check Out Our FREE Example;

Flo Wants to Be Pink

Otter in the Water Audio Play Package (Ages 4-8)

Find the Otter in the Water with this coloring book read-along poem. Includes (14 pages); Rhyming Audio Poem with Text and Coloring Pages (9 pages), Otter Fun Facts, Otter True/False Quiz, Otter Word Search, Otter Maze, Learn to Draw Otters Diagram.


The Aye-Aye Audio Play Package (Ages 8-12)

Discover this strange animal from Madagascar through a delightful rhyming poem and simple illustrations. Includes (8 pages); Audio Poem and Text (2 pages), More Aye-Aye Fun Facts, Two Aye-Aye Coloring Pages, Aye-Aye Maze, Aye-Aye Word Search, Aye-Aye Word Scrambler.


Who’s At the Zoo Audio Play Package (Ages 4 to 8)

Find out what animals are waiting for your little listener at the zoo. Includes (10 pages); Rhyming Audio Poem, Poem Text (with simple illustrations – 3 pages), Elephant Coloring Page, Tiger Coloring Page, Draw a Snake, Count the Giraffe’s Spots (math/coloring), Word Search, Fun Facts (Who’s at the Zoo animals).


A Banana For Oleg Audio Play Package (Ages 4 to 8)

Oleg doesn’t like bananas! You’ll be surprised to read how Oleg takes a bite of his banana! Includes (13 pages): Audio story, Story Text with Simple Illustrations (5 pages), Move Oleg Around the Map, Monkey Coloring Page, Cut and Paste Banana Page, Color the Polar Bear Page, Color the Penguin Page, Color the Shark Page, Word Search, Fun Facts Relating to Story.


More Audio Read-Along PDF Play Packages Coming Soon!

Introductory low price just .99 cents each!

“My kids LOVE the Audio Read-Along Play Packages! With COVID-19 I’ve been reluctant to take them to the library, so having the audio books and printables have been a fantastic way to supplement their at-home learning. I would highly recommend these affordable packages!

Debra G. Homeschool-Mom

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