Create a Sea Creature Contest Winner!

By Nethra C. – Age 12

Introducing Angphiiformes magnum

Nethra used watercolors and colored pencils as the medium to create this piece of art. Below is her write-up describing the sea creature.

“I created this sea creature and I call it Angphiiformes magnum. This is basically a name I made up by combining the Latins words for eel and anglerfish. Anguilliformes and Lophiiformes makes Angphiiformes. Then I added the word magnum, which means big, because this sea creature is humongous! If you look closely, you can see the features of an anglerfish, which are the bioluminescence head light, and the teeth. You can see the features of an eel, which are the long body shape, the flippers, and the fins on the tail. I am proposing that Angphiiformes magnum lives in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian ocean. It is a very rare creature because of its preference for the depth in the ocean. I postulate them to be found between the twilight and midnight zones and I suspect them to eat sperm whales for food.”

Check out what Nethra had to say about being an artist!

Q. How did you come up with the idea for your fabulous sea creature? 

A. Usually, whenever I want an idea for something to draw, I look on the internet. I looked at photos of real sea creatures, and other art about imaginary sea creatures. In fact, I did not come up with a solid idea when I started drawing. While I was sketching, I thought about the body shape I wanted and kept building my idea as I kept painting. I got the final name and understanding of the sea creature after I finished.   

Q. Have you always been interested in painting? 

A. I was always interested in art ever since I was little, but more recently I grew more engrossed in making art. I like making pictures with colored pencils, watercolor paints, and charcoal. I am still learning more about art mediums and different ways to express art.   

Q. What’s your favorite subject to paint? 

A. I like to make art mostly about life. This includes animals, humans, and plants. I feel like drawing something about life makes you feel like your art is really alive! The art has so much expression and feeling when it’s about life.

Thanks, Nethra, for this amazing sea creature!

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  1. I love the sea creature you created. I like the way you combined different authentic features to create a new form. I like the muted effect of the colors you used and the merging of two different art techniques. Your discussion of how you came up and implemented your concept was very interesting and intelligent. I hope to see more of your art work. Thank you.


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