Create a Sea Creature Contest 2nd Place – Recycly

by Saanvi J. – age 7

Introducing Recycly

Recycly” is a very special kind of a Sea creature that has abilities to recycle the human generated trash in the sea. It’s mouth is in the form of a “suction tube”. Its “fins” and its “leaf” like tail have special signs of “Recycling” that help it attract the sea trash towards its mouth. It uses its mouth to suck up the “Coral” and the “Trash” from the sea. The trash then goes to its “Digestive Pack” (shown in the image). In this pack, with the help of the Coral, the trash gets turned into edible items for the other Sea Creatures! “Recycly” can be found in all the major water bodies like the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.”

Thank you, Saanvi, for this AWESOME and helpful sea creature!

Categories: Crafts

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