Create a Sea Creature Contest 3rd Place – Lady Nine-tailed mercatcorn

By Suah K. Age – 7

Introducing Lady Nine-tailed mercatcorn

“I have a wing with ladybug spots so I can fly like flying fish. I swim well because I have a mermaid tail. My nine tails have different colors. When I shake one of them, the color of my body changes as its color. I can open magic portals with my magic horn and go wherever I want to go. The big heart on my body can make me understand every language. I can say people’s words!”

Thanks, Suah, for this wonderful sea creature. You’re AWESOME!

Categories: Fun Things To Do

2 replies

  1. What an adorable little creature! I love your Lady Nine-tailed mercatcorn. I like the way you did the big eyes with such a sweet expression. I like the way you used a heart shape and the colors of the tail. You put together a really new idea. Your art work makes me feel happy. Thank you, Suah.


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